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As grand as that style of work is, there is another more inventive group of photographers who wander around in their own minds looking for things of interest.  Granted, at times they also wander around in life, but what’s unique is they don’t shoot what they see.  They make note of it and over time create a concept by cultivating ideas and resources to then build a compelling photograph that really didn’t exist, but for their own creative imagination. As in the noteworthy creations of Erik Almas, Brooke Shaden and Joel Grimes to name but a few.

I’m a Hunter/Gatherer, I find interest in most all things!  I would like to walk on the other side some, but my ADD quickly distracts my imagination from such plans. (squirrel)  It must be a bird in the hand sort of thing, however, my imagination does kick into gear after the bird is in the can, so to speak. Luckily for me, this is where the real joy comes from in my work.

What brings you joy in your photography?

Keep shootin!
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Photographic Style https://www.dllawrence.com/blog/2016/2/photographic-style Ansel Adams once said; “there are always two people in in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”  I often pose this as a question with models who are trying to connect with my camera. Often the answer comes back, timidly: “the model and the photographer.”

It’s not really about the subject or the camera, it’s about the space in between.  Capturing that instant of the light leaving the subject and arriving on the recording surface?  That’s photography!

Merriam Webster’s Full Definition of photography
1:  the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (as film or an optical sensor)

The focus in this definition, is radiant energy.  Let that sink in for a minute, (BTW, pun intended).  Focus on the energy. It’s not just about chasing light, it’s also about capturing the *feeling* in a way that can be shared with the viewer. Ansel Adams was keenly aware of the importance of the viewer and we should be too.


Photographers can be technical, emotional, artistic, methodical, lackadaisical, intentional, kind, rude, happy or sad, but most importantly, he or she must be present.  To convey emotion is typically the point of creating a photograph, to evaluate how well we’ve done is why we share. How you express your interpretation of the moment with the viewer, that’s your style!


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Time, Inc. - Print is not dead, let's buy someting digital! https://www.dllawrence.com/blog/2016/2/print-is-not-dead-lets-buy-someting-digital Dear Time, Inc. Board Members;

It's true, we lost 881 million dollars last year, but we have a plan; we're buying myspace from Justin Timberlake...

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