My name is David Lawrence and I'm a commercial photographer and photo retouch artist in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I started out studying photography at The Art Institute of Houston in the early 80's. I moved to Tulsa and began a career as a commercial photographer, but after I built my second darkroom, I found that I liked the darkroom as much, if not more than being behind the camera. Once the digital revolution arrived, I was destined to become a photo retoucher.

I have literally hundreds of hours of Photoshop training under my belt via NAPP, Kelby One, Phlearn and numerous live seminars, webinars and books. I often say I'm a better retoucher than photographer, but I'm certain my retouching skills lead to better evaluation and light management within a particular scene.  In retouching, as in photography, every detail matters.

I have an untiring love for photography and creating unique images that stand out in today's constant flow of poor photography disguised as better than nothing.  Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss my rates and how I might help you bring your ideas to life or create new high quality images that will conspicuously promote your image and evolving style.